We are the prime manufacturers and dealers of serigraphy in Tokyo, Japan.  We not only hold a special place in the serigraphy market but are also the trendsetters of modern and innovative screen printing techniques in Japan.  Our success story is evident from the wide range of products available in our stocks, ready to be sold to our esteemed customers.


Our portfolio is unique and our team, competitive.  We boast a set of highly skillful Japanese artisans who are adept at giving the glittering texture to the cloth by imparting on it the magnificent aura of screen printing.  We believe dyeing is obsolete and doesn’t hold its charm now; rather the screen printing and its specialties are the new promising fashion that not only attract the eye but also offer significance to the product.


We understand the real value of silk screen printing and contribute vehemently to its growth.  Our stock brags a vast variety of tote bags, exhibiting lively colors as its basic ingredients.  These colors are not ordinarily painted on the tote stuff, but rather keenly designed by the intricacies of screen printing.  Our craftsmen uphold the supremacy of handwork and give every bag its due attention.  That is why you will witness each item from our gallery to be an embodiment of the best deliverable quality in this specific niche.



“Handcrafted in Tokyo, made in Japan” is a slogan that is chanted out loud by our brand of products throughout the world.  We have made silk screen printing more than just a skill and have transcended boundaries of typical beauty and fashion.  Our tote bags carry a feel in them and they make your routine worthy of the glamour you have always dream of.  Our silk screened colors show a perfect amalgamation of fashion and simplicity, imparting grace to your overall personality.


With us, you shall find a perfect combination of utility, affordability and brilliant aesthetic sense.  Our credentials are not based on mere number of items manufactured and delivered, but on the amount of sacred trust bestowed upon us by our worthy clients and customers across the globe.  By the dint of hard work and innovation, we further aim to take the art and skill of Silk screen printing to new heights of success and usability.